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Currently on my (photographic) bucket list

I’m a restless sort of person, liking to get out and do stuff. In the past that was getting beyond NZs borders and seeing the world; this was often driven by work requirements and I always appreciated the opportunity to pack my camera along with my business suit.

The Watergate Building, Washington DC

Staying local has made me rethink my photographic bucket list. Here goes, it’s a short list:

Top 4 things to capture:

  • a kingfisher, in flight, sunlight reflecting off it’s wings, eye in focus

  • a fern bird, in focus, in flight

  • a sealion, tossing a flounder in the air (I took this image years ago and, at that time, didn’t have a long lens)

  • a street scene, urban NZ, gritty and thought-provoking

The top 3 things I want to achieve:

  • finish categorising (and deleting most of) the remaining 9000 odd images on hard drives (admin)

  • set up my online shop (more admin!)

  • show friends the Catlins that I know and help them capture images that differ from the usual Purakanui Falls ones!

The wreck, Catlins

'That' Catlin's tree

I like to have objectives. Not too many, because that just becomes a ‘to-do’ list, but a few things I want to capture. Having a few things on the list also lets me study the subject in greater detail - if you want to photograph a fernbird / matata you need to know what they sound like, their habitat and their flight pattern. That’s all part of the fun.

What’s on your photographic wish-list?


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