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Original linoprint, unframed


Materials:   Handprinted on Rosaspina Fabriano paper using Caligo inks.


Size:             Approximate measurements 31 x 41 cm


Description:     Ever come to that crossroad where you have to chose between the comfort of being on top of your game, being the big fish in small pond, or exploring the wider world where there is uncertainty, doubt and challenge?  This very limited series explores this world view.


This is a reduction print (meaning that no more images can be made); for each colour more of the block was carved away.  In total 10 colours were applied or, in other words, each copy contains 10 images hand-printed on top of each other.


Series:          10 copies printed. 

Price:             $450 unframed (plus postage and packaging calculated at checkout)


  • Notes:

    As each image is handprinted it is unique and there will be slight variation between each print.

    All prints are handprinted using archival inks and high quality papers.

    Each print is numbered and signed.  At the completion of a print series the lino block is retired (no further prints can be made from it).

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