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Original linoprint, unframed


Materials: Each print is handprinted using black Caligo ink on Kinwashi paper.  Please note, this paper is very light cream in colour with flecks of fibre throughout.  


Size: Approximately 16 x 22 cm


Description: I met this little guy when I was on a trip (of a lifetime) to the SubAntarctic Islands.  Rockhoppers have a crazy mad professor / drunk uncle / rockstar sort of vibe about them.  Captivating and charming little birds that lead a pretty difficult life in a harsh environment.  I thought that this one needed it’s ‘time in the sun’.


Series: This is a limited edition of 9 prints, each one is numbered and signed (5 currently available)


Price: Unframed $220 inclusive (post and packaging calculated at check out)

  • Notes:

    As each image is handprinted it is unique and there will be slight variation between each print.

    All prints are handprinted using archival inks and high quality papers.

    Each print is numbered and signed.  At the completion of a print series the lino block is retired (no further prints can be made from it).

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